This book is a take-of on a family video cassette, it represents a journey in time and memory. The footage was taken during a relocation period, when my family and I lived in Palo-Alto, California, for tow years. I was a little girl at the age of 5-7 and I barely remember it.


I re-designed my memory by collecting  my family's memories and binding them together with different pieces of information from that time. The passing images that were once a movie on a screen are now frozen screenshots on printed pages, part of an object I can hold on to. The navigation in the book is inspired by the navigation in a video cassette and creates a journey of consciousness.


Final Project, Fourth year, Shenkar.

Guidance: Zohar Koren and Nir Yenni

Photographs of the book: Ariel Medina 

rewind 3_edited.jpg
Anat Egozi project - Ariel Medina photog
Anat Egozi project - Ariel Medina photog